Country House est. 1981


Short jacket with an adjustable hood, a full zip fastening and breathable armpits. The garment also features reinforced zipped chest pockets, an adjustable hem, the C.P. Company logo detail and twin front flap pockets. Micro-M (R) is the contemporary evolution of 50 Fili, the iconic C.P. Company fabric. By substituting the cotton thread of 50 Fili with a hydrophobic polyester microfiber, and the nylon one with a new generation recycled yarn, C.P. Company was able to develop a new, naturally water resistant and more ecological, breathable fabric.

  • – Adjustable hood
  • – Full zip fastening
  • – Breathable armpits
  • – Zipped chest pockets
  • – Logo detail
  • – Twin front flap pockets
  • – Adjustable hem

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Kleur: Green
Kleurnaam leverancier: Olive-night
Kleurcode: 670
Artikelnummer: 15CMOW218A006355A